Darryl Reuter

In his spare time, Darryl loves to golf, hike, mountain bike, snowboard, & play hockey. Actively involved in all aspects of his community and famous for his natural “nice-guy” personality, Darryl brings his experience and a warm demeanor to all of facets of his real estate transactions.

I think I am best known for being the nice guy realtor. I have won our award here called the Realtors Care award which is given to the realtor who does the most for their community, I was also a runner up finalist for the Fred Macklin Award which is given by the city to the Kelowna Man of the Year.

All realtors know this stuff about me, and I have great working relationships with everyone in the real estate community. If you were to ask other realtors about me they would say I was a nice guy and great to deal with. It has given me a persona of being a community minded guy who is in the know and has a great network!

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