Darryl Reuter

In his spare time, Darryl loves to golf, hike, mountain bike, snowboard, & play hockey. Actively involved in all aspects of his community and famous for his natural “nice-guy” personality, Darryl brings his experience and a warm demeanor to all of facets of his real estate transactions.

Darryl Reuter started his career in real estate at Royal LePage, Kelowna in 2002. Growing up, his grandfather was an agent in the Lower Mainland. Darryl admired his grampa; he loved how he treated others with respect and kindness; how helpful he was for others who came to him during the most expensive decision in their lives; and how Grampa always had a story to tell. As such, Darryl dedicated his life to the Real Estate profession.

Through great service, honesty, integrity, and referrals, his business has continued to grow and succeed while maintaining strong client relationships. Not only, Darryl prides himself on his working relationship with other real estate agents. He does not see them, necessarily, as competition, but as someone else he can help should they need it, or most importantly, someone that can help his clients.

Thanks to his Grampa’s influence, In 2014, Darryl won the Central Okanagan Mainline Real Estate Board’s Realtor Cares Award. Darryl exemplifies those Realtors who have made long-term contributions to the community in which they live and are committed to being actively involved in making a difference. A recent finalist for the City of Kelowna’s Fred Macklin Memorial Award for Man of the Year, Darryl has a long history of giving back. He selflessly and tirelessly supports fundraising events for individual benefits, community initiatives and national causes. He is also known for random acts of kindness to put a smile on someone’s face or to help out in a small way.

Helping people is at the very core of what Darryl does. Whether it be entering the market for the first time, buying a new home to accommodate an expanding family, or adding to a investment property portfolio, if it has anything to do with Real Estate, Darryl is happy and eager to help. Through this attitude, Darryl hopes he can live up to Grampa’s legacy.

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